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What is in Aditi's future?

Imagine a 7 year old girl in Nepal**. Let's call her Aditi. Aditi's parents tell her every day that she must walk to the nearest well and bring home water for her family.

But the well is very far away. Four or five hours later, Aditi returns with the water. By the time she gets home, however it's too late for her to walk to school. So instead, Aditi helps her mother prepare the one meal that she and her brothers will receive that day: a bowl of rice.

As Aditi falls asleep that night, she thinks of the long walk back to the well tomorrow and is afraid. Her friend was abducted just two weeks prior. Her family suspects that her friend was sold into slavery. Aditi will likely never see her friend again and hopes that somehow something can change before she is taken.

**This story is purely fictional, based on every day realities, and is meant only as a representation of the people, male and female, that will be helped by GHNI and Before I am Taken.