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On April 25, 2015 there was a devastating earthquake in Nepal. Nepal's Prime Minister is projecting there could be over 10,000 people killed and over 400,000 people are estimated homeless and will be living in tent cities or fleeing to safer places. Most of these people have lost everything.

Believe it or not what is about to happen to the survivors is possibly much worse. Human Traffickers have traveled to Nepal and are preying on these innocent and needy people. But we can help these people from becoming victims of Human Trafficking.

Human Traffickers know that one of the easiest places to take people is right after natural disasters. Since Nepal has an open boarder with India, it is like the perfect storm for human trafficking. Easy to take and deceive needy people, easy to kidnap women and kids, and easy to get them out of Nepal and into India.

We are assessing the area now and are looking for a tent city to adopt. We plan on helping 5,000 people that lost everything, put their lives back together and become self sustained and have a steady stream of income. In the process we will teach them about the tactics that traffickers use so they will not fall victim and have a promising future.

Please donate to this campaign a huge success in helping some of the neediest people on our planet right now.

Help rebuild the lives of earthquake victims in Nepal and keep them from becoming victims
of human trafficking.

Help Nepal Earthquake Victims Rebuild Their Lives