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What is Before I Am Taken?


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What is Before I am Taken?

Before I am Taken is a global human trafficking and modern day slavery prevention project by Global Hope Network International, (GHNI), a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping the most impoverished and oppressed in places where few are willing to go. We are working in over 30 countries and have over 70 community development projects that are active right now. Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) has been very successful. GHNI has been awarded advisory status within the United Nations and they have even began to showcase our TCD program as an effective method of sustainable development.

It became apparent that there is a consistent problem with slavery and human trafficking in many of the villages GHNI is helping, so over the last two years we have been developing an educational component to address slavery prevention. In 2013, we launched our first Transformational Community Development program on slavery prevention in Nepal, and we are planning a rapid expansion of this program in the near future. We are identifying new areas where slavery is most prevalent so that we can start many more programs that include the prevention of human trafficking.

We take on Slavery by attacking the 5 pillars of Vulnerability each of these communities are effected by. These are water, food, wellness, education and income. If we can help villages be self sufficient in all of these areas then Slavery can stop.

This is a community based transformational solution to the problem of slavery. If we can help a poverty stricken village to become self-sufficient in key areas like clean water, wellness, food, education and income, we will have helped to provide hope for a future and a sense of self-worth that will shield entire villages from being highly vulnerable to human traffickers.

We do not believe in quick fixes. We believe that to have a global affect on slavery and human trafficking, we have to address the root of the problem. For the areas served by GHNI that root problem is extreme poverty. We have many more communities desperate to be helped out of extreme poverty and saved from slavery than we can serve right now. The line of hopeful participants is getting longer and longer.

With your help, we can stop slavery by transforming villages, communities and countries.

Please help.
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